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Boulderites supporting positive re-use of Boulder Community Hospital on Broadway in Boulder and sustainable redevelopment elsewhere in the Goose Creek watershed.

We are a 501 (c)(3) community land trust working toensure thatBoulder’slandwidelybenefits generations of today and tomorrow particularly bycreating, preserving and advocating for housing that is permanently attainable for a diversity of income levels. We hope to see this missionmagnificentlyexpressed inthe redevelopment of the former Broadway hospital property and throughout the Goose Creek watershed (roughtly Iris to Mapleton and downstream to theconfluence with Boulder Creek at55th and Pearl).

Understanding our own carbon footprints helps create a lower carbon society and low carbon developments. We work with the Earth Deeds calculator and eco-entrepreneurial crowd funding platform to fund our Goose Creek civic engagement and sustainability activities like the sustainable redevelopment of the Boulder Community Hospital Site, the formation of a pilot Eco-District nearby on North St. and advocacy efforts to give homeowners, business owners and developers alternatives to "Mcmansionizing" that support affordability and low carbon transportation.

To Contribute: click on "onset emissions now". There you can choose to estimate some of your carbon footprint (Step 1) or just skip to step 2 and make a contribution (fill in form, press "pay", complete transaction at Paypal). 10% of your gift will go to Earth Deeds (L3C low profit social enterprise) to help them expand the network of climate change makers in Boulder and beyond. Contributions to Goose Creek Community Land Trust are tax deductible.

Dates: Jan 1, 2015 - Dec 31, 2016
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